Grave Location – Roman Catholic B-122/3.

Mary Flynn was born in Tipperary, Ireland and at 19 years of age accepted the proposal  to be the wife of  DR. Ignatius Flynn.  After having 3 children, they decided to re-locate to Bunbury to raise their family and enable the Doctor to continue his good work.

Mary proved to be a woman of great vision and courage, an astute financial and investment planner, whilst also possessing forthright and radical views for the time.

She coerced her husband into buying 240 Acres in Sandridge Park ( includes the current Bunbury Forum site ) and 3000 Acres at Beela ( Brunswick ), where the family enjoyed a number of holidays.

Mary was a strong advocate for women’s rights, and a keen golfer, who was annoyed that women could only play golf on Thursdays ( Ladies Day ).  She developed the Sandridge Park site into a Ladies Golf Club, with men only being able to play on Thursdays ( Gentleman’s  Day ).

Mary Flynn  was also very much in favour of Western Australia seceding from the Commonwealth, and often attended Rallies and Marches in Perth in pursuit of the cause.

Unfortunately, Mary died at the relatively young age of 47 years, and is interred with her husband in Bunbury General Cemetery.