Grave Location – ANGLICAN  A – 2

Charles Eggleston was a prominent local business identity and Bunbury Municipal Town Councillor for a number of years.

Charles employed builder Charles L. HASTIE to build the 2 storey Federal Hotel ( now the Highway Hotel ) on the highway corner of Spencer Street and Forrest Avenue, Bunbury,  in 1897. This was the first Suburban Hotel in Bunbury and offered the first outdoor Beer Garden in Western Australia.  The Highway Hotel was approved as a State Heritage building in April 2003.

During this period, Charles was operating several businesses in Bunbury, including a Barber shop, American Novelty Store, market gardens, as well as setting up the new Federal Hotel.

In 1898, Charles built his historically significant family home called “ The Pines “  on the family’s 8 acre plot at 130 Forrest Avenue Bunbury. He, and wife Caroline ( known as Carrie ) produced  11 offspring who happily utilized the spacious home and attached land.  Unfortunately the City of Bunbury approved demolition of this strong link to Bunbury’s Heritage, in 2004.

In 1910, Charles built the 2 storey Grand Temperance Hostel/ Grand Central Private Hotel at 83 Victoria Street Bunbury to provide an alcohol-free environment for the Community.  This venture was driven by the Gold Boom Developments of the time and in 1926 became the Grand Central Coffee Palace, with primary focus on families. ( Blanche LEWIN operated the Hostel until the early 1970’s ).  The building was designed by prominent Architect, Eustace COHEN and now houses a number of small shops along Bunbury’s “ Capuccino Strip “, still enhanced by the upstairs wooden verandah, that protects the footpath.

Charles is buried with wife Carrie and son Percy ( 1987 – 1990 ) in one section of a Double Family Grave in the Bunbury General Cemetery, Forrest Avenue East, Bunbury. Percy enlisted for Service in the First World War and was wounded in action on the Western Front France on 4 August, 1916.

Percy returned to Australia on 4 November, 1919 being discharged from the AIF on 12 December, 1919. Percy died at Madora Bay WA on 16 June 1990 at 93 years of age.

Charles and Carrie had a second son Roy, who also enlisted for First World War Service, disembarking at Devonport , England 0n 27 December 1917. He was discharged from the Army on 1 April, 1920 and chose to remain in England, where he died.